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Birthday Parties

Your child's birthday is an important day. Knockerball Rome wants to make it the best one ever. Knockerball is the newest way to have everybody constantly laughing and having a great time. Also this is a fairly new way to celebrate your child's Birthday instead of doing the same thing like having a party at the park or going to the local bowling ally. If you want to have an unforgettable party for your child contact us today!

Graduation Parties

Graduation is a big step in a young adults life and also a big accomplishment weather its high school or college. While one chapter is closing, More are about to open. Get knockerball Rome to celebrate this special occasion.

All Parties Include

- one certified attendant (to ensure safety)
- set up and break down
- 6 - 12 balls (depends how many best fits your party)
- soccer ball
- cones (for different types of games)
- multiple games the kids can choose from
Dont forget about Archery Tag This includes
- set up and break down
- one certified attendant (to ensure safety)
- 8-16 bows and masks (depends how many best fits your party)
- 6 bunkers
- 2 Targets
- cones
One of the best things about renting with knockerball Rome is once you have called me to set up the date of the party you don't have to worry about the entertainment part. We set everything up,stay throughout the party and then break everything down. That way all you have to worry about is the set up of the food. We know organizing a party can be hectic so the less you have to worry about the better.

Other Options

If knockerball is not your style do not worry. We have a few other fun options. Options Include Archery Tag, Hoverball Inflatable, or the Soccer Darts Inflatable. More info on these items can be found under the Archery Tag tab and the Interactive inflatables tab up on the top of the page.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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